5 Out of the Box Couple Shower Ideas


So donuts are everywhere right now. There are sweet donuts and there are savory donuts.

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15 Witty Bridesmaid Propsals

Weddings used to be stuffy affairs. Break out your best dress and heels, spend hours on your hair and makeup, and bring on the blisters. And that’s just as a guest! Today, it’s all about personality. Step out of the box and ask your friends and family to join in the fun- without boring them to tears!

Stuck for inspo? Here are a few of our favorite quotes and ideas!


Donuts are just about the coolest thing out there right now. Take your girls to brunch, pour some mimosas, and sweeten them up before asking them to spend a couple hundred dollars on a bridesmaid dress!

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There’s always that friend, you know the one. The one that can throw her hair up in a messy bun while wearing no makeup and a trash bag, looking like she should be on a magazine cover. Give her this.

Printable card available for $2.50 on Tiffiney Ink.


Being a bridesmaid isn’t always about champagne toasts and hot groomsman. Sometimes it’s about holding the brides dress while they pee. Put this tag on a wine label to soften the blow.

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Let’s face it, the best weddings are always open bar. Entice your friends by guaranteeing them that cocktails are part of the deal.

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If you’re one of those lucky girls that have had the same group of friends since childhood, this card is for you. It’s fun, whimsical and will be appreciated. Bonus if you’re having a destination wedding.

Printable Card available for $2.50 on Tiffiney Ink.


The closest I’ve ever been to a VIP is when I was a member of the bridal party. You get to cut in line at the bar, ride in limos, and get to go to the head of the food line.

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Every once in awhile it’s fun to get dressed up. To put on an expensive dress, do your makeup, and have your hair professionally curled. Ask your squad with a bottle of champagne and the promise of killer selfies.

Printable Label available for $2.50 on Tiffiney Ink.


Let’s face it, not everyone loves champagne. Go a little more hardcore with a bottle of tequila! **BONUS** Group shots are bound to happen.

Printable “Tequila” Label available for $2.50 on Tiffiney Ink.


Welcome your crew by poppin’ bottles with a custom wine label!

Printable Label available for $2.50 on Tiffiney Ink.


Sure, your best friend knows she’ll be standing by your side but, she’d still like to be asked. Put this label on a wine or champagne bottle or a cute little box with a gift inside to show her you care.

Printable Label available for $2.50 on Tiffiney Ink.


I love this but it’s so misleading. I mean, you know they’re going to have to pretty much commit to being your right hand for the day PLUS showers and parties!

Printable Card available for $2.50 on Tiffiney Ink.


We all have them, the friends that are a little rebellious.. and the most fun to be around! Show them you appreciate their bad influence with this sweet and sassy card.

Printable card available for $2.50 on Tiffiney Ink.


Ugly tears are completely possible on your big day. That’s why it’s ESSENTIAL to have a comedian in your wedding party- your mascara will thank you.

Printable Label available for $2.50 on Tiffiney Ink.


Let’s face it, butt bows, unflattering colors, and creepy cousin groomsman have all been a part of many weddings. Let your friends know you have their back with this (breakable) contract.

Printable wine label available for $2.50 on Tiffiney Ink.


We couldn’t let the WHOLE post go by without something a little sweeter. Perfect for those that are truly your nearest and dearest.

Printable Card available for $2.50 on Tiffiney Ink.

Want to mix and match designs and quotes? Want to customize with names? Send me a request! Custom items available for a slight upcharge!

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Creative Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those of you that don’t know me in the real world, I have a love/hate relationship with the holiday. You see, my birthday is the 25th. Which means every few years it’s on Thanksgiving, otherwise it’s right around the day.

I love the holiday because I get to spend time with my huge and crazy family, holidays are fun and I love the idea of my birthday. I don’t like my birthday because it seems everyone is too busy to properly celebrate. I know, it’s silly (especially because I’m an adult in my 30s) but I feel like if I’m going to get old, I should at least celebrate.

This year, I thought it’d be fun to do a blog on fun and whimsical Thanksgiving ideas! So, here is a curated list of some of my favorite ways to put a Tiffiney Ink twist on it. After all, it is MY holiday 😍.

🦃 + 🥓 = Turkey 🍩

Typically I would tell you to skip breakfast on Thanksgiving. However, These are turkey donuts. I mean, chocolate and bacon shaped like a bird. It’s a new tradition. The Decorated Cookie has your directions here.

Cranberry Moscow Mules🥂

Recently, I let people down at a baby shower. They were sure that me, of all people, would have a killer cocktail to go with the Happy Everly After theme. I totally dropped the ball (sorry Sam!) so I’m making up for it with a Thanksgiving Cranberry Moscow Mule. Get the recipe from the Blackberry Babe here.

Simple and Elegant Centerpiece

If I were to ever rule two kingdoms, it would be the lands of Theme Parties and Procrastination. I love coordinating, planning and throwing parties. However, I have a tendency to wait until the last minute. This centerpiece is perfect if you’re like me. Candles  ✔️  Leaves ✔️ Twine ✔️ Just follow That’s What Che Said’s steps here.

Pumpkin Pie Cake Pops

If it’s Thanksgiving and there’s no pumpkin pie, is it Thanksgiving? Don’t take the risk of missing out on one of the best days of the year and make these adorable cake pops by The Partiologist. Just follow the steps here.

Mini Caramel Apples

Let’s face it, caramel apples are delicious but super hard to eat. Tiffany (ha! We have the same name, must be why I like her) at the blog My Litter found the perfect way to make them adorable and yummy. Get the step by step directions here.

Magical Thankful Cards

In case you forgot where you were, this is the Tiffiney Ink blog, which means I need something of mine up here. Self-promotion at its best! I’m kinda in love with these place cards! They say that writing something down adds power to the words. So, ask your guests to write what they’re thankful for before going around the table, it’ll hopefully add some magic to your words. Purchase the printable files here.

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Happy Everly After


Welcome to the shiny, brand new Tiffiney Ink blog! I’ve been biding my time to launch this for something super special. And it’s FINALLY here!

Drumroll, Please…

I have a new niece that’s going to be here this January! And today we threw my gorgeous sis-in-law her first shower! (I just realized I used an exclamation mark on every sentence so far, that might tell you a little bit about my excitement level. I’ll try to watch it from here on out.)

As you can probably tell, her name is Everly (Kate) and we made this adorable floral piece to go over the table, along with her name. (You can order your own custom name here.) In fact, this is going to be going over her crib =)

My brother’s Chrisley (like Grisley but with his name, Chris.) Because, quite frankly, he’s super hairy. But, in a manly and endearing way. So, we wanted to include bears in the theme but my sis-in-law is super girly and loves florals and Aztec inspired decor. So, I present to you- Happy Everly After- an enchanted forest shower. (Note- all of the decor for this shower can be updated to simply be Happily Ever After.)

FOOD! Food’s one of the best parts of any shower. We’ve started hosting most of ours around brunch because it’s so easy. So, the most necessary part of an enchanted forest shower is a WARNING: Don’t feed the bears sign. Flanked by candy corn popcorn as well as pink and white wafers. Don’t forget the scones placed on blingy cupcake towers!

The second pic features the mini quiche. They turned out so cute designed like a checkerboard on the plate. Bonus that it added a pop of green to the table. (Shout out to Ann for making me actually lay the quiches out well, originally I just crammed them on the plate with no rhyme or reason.)

Don’t forget to peak at the donuts! We took simple vases and added white, brown and tan donut holes inside. It was perfect for the color scheme.

Notice the big plate of strawberries? They looked amazing with the pale pink fruit dip (half strawberry cream cheese, half marshmallow fluff- so easy!) Mini danishes framed the sides, topped with the popcorn and wafers. Best of all? Notice the adorable cupcakes spread throughout the table like wildflowers.

Cake (and Cupcakes!) Is anyone else obsessed with this? My good friend Kristin with The Baby Bird Bakery created it for us based on two different cakes we showed her. Along with a lot of variations from that description. The inside was strawberry and buttercream- as yummy as it looks! The marbling was done with fondant by hand. Then, she topped it all off by hand painting the gold. Gorgeous!

We couldn’t find a topper we loved so we made one. We found a super cute bear Christmas ornament and then added her name. Top it off with fake flowers from Marshals and it was the perfect custom option.

Continuing with the word of the day (obsession) I am head over heels for these cupcakes! They’re vanilla with vanilla buttercream and have adorable flowers and gold pearl center. Perfect for the wildflower look.

I’m not huge on games (actually I’m a board game fanatic- however, I’m talking shower games) but it’s nice to have a few to bring people together. I feel like BINGO is a necessity. It keeps everyone engaged during present opening. Also, I LOVE Wishes for Baby. I feel like it’s a great way for everyone to leave a wish for his or her life.

Finally, we did his or her. It’s a fun way to talk about the parents-to-be and their possible contributions. The one turned out so cute that I’m giving it away FREE when you sign up for our mailing list. Visit the CONTACT page and I’ll email you one!

For gifts, we went simple, a streamer wall! It’s easy, inexpensive, and looks great in pictures. Sorry, the pic is blurry- I was too busy recording gifts that I had to use one from Facebook. But, I wanted to show one.

P.S. Doesn’t Jess look amazing!

Last but not least, thank you gifts. We’ve tried everything at past showers and have found that snacks work the best. So, we went simple with Teddy Grahams, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips. I finished it off with a custom label that says, “Our greatest adventure includes S’More Kisses, S’More Hugs, and another (last name) to love. Thank you for celebrating with us.”

Thanks for sticking through my first entry! Join my mailing list, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and check out my Etsy shop!

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